5 tips for hiring a third-party cleaning service

5 tips for hiring a third-party cleaning service

When we hire a third-party cleaning service, it is very natural to evaluate the price first. However, this criterion should not be the only one to be used.

Imagine that you need a cleaning lady, but she doesn’t clean the windows and doesn’t remove the furniture to vacuum the dust. In that case, This is just one example of countless situations that can happen. That’s why we’ve prepared this post for you: learn how to hire the best-outsourced cleaning service!

1. Evaluate the experience in the market

Check if the company has a strong name in the market. You can use the internet to look up referrals, read people’s comments, and see who her customers are.

By learning more about the company, you can assess its experience and be sure that it is a serious, ethical and committed organization.

Oh! You can also assess whether the company has labor processes and whether it complies with the legislation with its professionals.

2. Check if employees use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE is also extremely important in outsourced cleaning services. Therefore, employees need to wear gloves, masks and have technical knowledge about the products to be used.

Can you imagine the cleaning lady spending hours brushing your bathroom with chlorine without using gloves or a mask? It will certainly affect her health!

3. Evaluate whether the outsourced cleaning service is of good quality

One of the main aspects you need to consider is whether the outsourced cleaning service is of good quality. This means that it needs to meet your real needs.

It won’t help if you ask the cleaning lady to remove the mold from the bathroom and she does the job “on top” removing only the excess. She needs to brush well and use the appropriate products for removal.

4. Make sure professionals have training

Employees are the “heart” of any organization. Therefore, the outsourced cleaning company needs to be as concerned with the health and well-being of its employees (as we mentioned in the topic on PPE) as well as guide them on the best products and procedures.

Can you imagine the cleaning lady not being aware that the product she uses on a stain can compromise all her cloths, towels and rugs? As much as this is a basic example, believe me: it happens!

Therefore, the company needs to constantly offer qualification and recycling training. Employees need both to keep an eye on market innovations and to learn a little more about the technical specifications of cleaning products.

5. Evaluate the service

Make sure the company has an up-to-date website that is easy to navigate and, most importantly, offers a quick and convenient quote. The organization needs to meet your needs and cannot keep you waiting too long for a price.

Evaluate the company’s entire service, from the website response to phone calls. Contact should be cordial, respectful and you need to feel that the company really wants to solve your problem — and not offer a plastered product that does not meet your real needs.

Hiring an outsourced cleaning service is an excellent alternative for both your home and your business. However, with so many daily offers, it is common to have doubts about which is the best. Therefore, it is very important to evaluate a number of aspects before investing.

In this post, you’ve seen some tips for hiring the best cleaning service. Speaking of which, do you already know SCS Group Integrated Services ? We make your day to day easier with quality and reliable services.

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