5 tips for planning a home renovation

5 tips for planning a home renovation

People like to see their homes clean, organized and decorated. However, over the years, it is inevitable to have to touch up a dye here or rebuild a plaster there. Therefore, it is essential to have a good organization when planning a residential reform.

Of course, it all depends on the scope of the project, but there are cases when you have to be away from home for more than a month. So, good planning is the secret so that residential reform is not a tremendous stress.

If you are in this dilemma, don’t worry! Below, we will present some tips for planning your long-awaited home renovation. Let’s go?

1. Create a home improvement project

The first step is to assess how your property is doing and what you want with the renovation. For example:

  • enlarge some room;
  • redecorate environments ;
  • increase the wiring load limit;
  • create textures on walls;
  • correct faults in plasters;
  • install thermal and/or acoustic insulation;
  • make plaster recesses;
  • change the architecture;
  • make the property more cozy ;
  • create a new space.

2. Prepare a financial report

To know if the reform fits in your pocket or if you need to reduce something, it is essential to have a good financial report. To do this, request at least three quotes for each item.

You need to know the work of the architect or mason who will help with the renovation. After all, the project needs to look exactly like your dream, right?

Also, find vendors who are reliable and know what they’re doing. There are several professionals in this area and the service does not always come out as we expect!

3. Request a 3D design

Hire an architect to make a three-dimensional drawing of your renovation. This way, you can visualize how the work will look and be able to request changes.

The 3D design ensures that the team does exactly what the design shows. That way, you avoid any unpleasant surprises for imagining one thing and receiving another.

4. Develop a detailed timeline

Mount a detailed schedule in a spreadsheet with everything that needs to be done, those responsible and the deadlines. Once ready, deliver this document to your suppliers and follow the progress of the work.

This makes it easy to assess whether the work will come out within the stipulated time frame or be delayed for some reason.

Always have a reserve deadline; no matter how much you plan everything, works tend to be late.

5. Hire a post-work cleaning service

After the work is completed, hire a service specializing in post-work cleaning, as this task is usually much more laborious than a traditional cleaning.

Therefore, nothing better than leaving it in the hands of professionals who are qualified and understand everything about the subject.

Plus, you’ll still feel relief when you get home and see everything shining!

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