5 Ways to Strengthen Relationship with Your Child 

5 Ways to Strengthen Relationship with Your Child 

Nothing is more important for a parent than growing a strong bond with their children. Fostering a strong bond with your kid from their early years of development can help you lay a firm foundation to allow your child to explore the world around them. It will further help you to understand your kid and their needs better than ever before, just as they will understand you! However, like any other relationship, growing a good rapport with your child also requires you to devote adequate time and effort. Irrespective of whether you are a single parent, divorced, or otherwise, you can discover various fruitful ways to build the perfect relationship with your child. Given that your kid will look up to you and form themselves in your image, it is very important to establish a healthy relationship with your child.  

In this article, we will explore five beneficial ways of strengthening your relationship with your child. So, check it out:   

1. Play an escape game with your child.  

One of the easiest ways of establishing and growing a strong and healthy bond with your child is by spending adequate time playing with them. No matter how old your child is, playing is integral to their overall growth and development. While you may not often have enough time to play with your kid, even then, you need to understand the vitality of spending time with your kid by playing with them! 

 It is a highly effective way of strengthening and nurturing your bond with your child. Escape rooms can allow you to spend quality time with your kid. The intriguing nature of the escape rooms will engage your child inherently in the gameplay, making them forget all else. The game will provide abundant scope for you to work closely with your kid to achieve the ultimate objective! Even you can try virtual experience with your child, that will be also amazing. 

2. Express your care and affection frequently.   

As parents, one may often make the mistake of assuming their child already knows how much they care for and love them. Although, you must understand that it is not often enough. Much like adults require love, affection, and unfaltering attention from their beloved, so do kids!  

Just like you may often get grumpy or sad when you do not feel a sense of love and affection from your partner, the same is true for your kid! Thus, it is crucial for parents to frequently reach out to children and let them know how much they love and care for them.  

Even simply uttering the three-magic word, “I love you!” can do wonders in uplifting your kid’s earlier sulky mood! In this way, you need to offer your child a sense of warmth and shower love and affection over them to make your parent-child bond strong.   

3. Give time to actively listen to your kid.  

Often your child may not feel heard enough. Under such circumstances, your simple presence is enough to make your child feel better. Though you might not be aware of it, your child may also have a lot going on in their little world. So, ensure you take time to listen to all that they wish to say.  

You can even ask them open-ended questions about their friends, school, hobbies, etc., to encourage them to converse freely and openly with you. Ensure the conversation remains centered around your kid and their individualistic experiences. In this way, you can understand what is going on in their minds and what may be troubling them.  

4. Curate a safe space for your child. 

One of the most important responsibilities you need to execute as a parent is to make your child feel safe. Ensure you create a space where they always feel protected and cared for.  

You need to pay heed to the needs of your kid. The outside world is tough and cruel. So, you need to ensure that before your child grows up and moves out to face the world, they know that if things do not go as planned, you have got their back!   

5. Keep potential distractions at bay.  

You may not necessarily spend a lot of time with your kid. But you must ensure that whatever time you spend with them is worthwhile. In other words, you need to prioritize quality over quantity here.  

While spending time with your kid, you need to abstain from distractions like scrolling through your mobile or using any other gadget. Instead, you need to devote your entire time to your child. Demarcating screen-free times or spaces in your daily schedule when you can spend some distraction-free quality time with your child can be helpful! 


From going to escape games like Breakout®, the only eco-friendly escape room, to actively listening to your child, these are five beneficial ways of strengthening your relationship with your child. So, go ahead, and try these strategies to make your bond stronger than ever!  


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