How to Draw a School Boy

How to Draw a School Boy

A schoolboy is a child who attends school. You can learn how to draw a schoolboy with the help of this fun cartoon guide. Do you place your first day of school? Some children are. But there is nothing to fear! Look at the smile on this schoolboy’s face. He’s excited to go to school! He also carries a backpack. 

What do you think is inside? You probably have school supplies like books, pencils, crayons, paper, folders, and rulers. Drawing idea. You can remove this schoolboy to mark your instead day of school! Write on your shirt the number that corresponds to your grade this year. Then show your drawing when your mom or dad takes a picture of you on your first day of the new school year.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Schoolboy.

Step 1

Begin by drawing the boy’s face. Use curved stripes for the eyebrows, snout, and mouth. Circle the rounded eye shapes and shade a large circle inside each one to indicate the pupils.

Step 2

Outline the boy’s chin and the flanks of his front using an extended, curved line. Close the ears using “C” shaped lines and use curved lines to detail the inside of each one. Use a sequel of overlapping stripes to start drawing the boy’s hair, completing the outline of the face.

Step 3

Persist drawing the hair using a sequel of connected curved lines. Some of the lines satisfy at sharp ends. Note, too, the part in the hair. Extend two short lines below the head for the neck and connect them with a V-shaped tube.

Step 4

Enclosed are triangular necklaces on the collar of the shirt. Then use curved lines to draw the shoulder, arm, hand, lower sleeve, and backpack strap.

Step 5

Complete the arm and fingers using curved lines. Then, extend the backpack strap using parallel lines connecting at the bottom. Draft the shape of the pack using curved lines. Note the overlapping flap at the top of the group.

Step 6

Draw a couple of lines that meet at a point at the top of the backpack. Then continue drawing the boy.

Use curved lines to draw the torso, the remaining backpack strap, the arm, and the sleeve. Draw a small ring below the collar to reveal a button.

Step 7

Draw the boy’s waving hand using curved lines. Note the contours of the palm at the base of the fingers and thumb. Surface the shirt with a curved stripe.

Step 8

Use curved lines to outline the boy’s legs and pants pocket. Then open pairs of lines to reveal his legs. Tie each portion with a curved string and draw a “U” shaped line through it. This forms the socks and tongues of the shoes.

Step 9

Complete the boy’s shoes. Use curved lines to create irregular shapes. Draw a line parallel to the sole of each shoe to form the sole and a curved rectangle on top to form the Velcro strap.

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