Office cleaning: easy organization tips!

Office cleaning: easy organization tips!

You know the saying “first impressions count”? It was with this in mind that we created this content about office cleaning. Check out!

A clean and organized office is not only beautiful, but also necessary to make the environment harmonious and pleasant, both for customers who may appear and for employees.

So that everything is in its proper place and the service is up to date, it is necessary to be flexible. So thinking about making your life easier, we separate some tips and precautions about office cleaning. Keep reading!

Single workstation

The individual stations form a great visual component of the office, and we must pay attention to organization and hygiene.

Not letting dust and dirt accumulate is essential for the season. One should also remember to pass cloth moistened with alcohol.

Here’s another habit that can be added: not consuming food at the workstation. Food leftovers can make what would be a quick cleaning more time-consuming and detailed.

Beware of too much paper

It’s normal to leave papers and notes on the table or drawer to throw away later, but we always forget and the piles just keep getting bigger, right?

To avoid accumulation and keep the table organized, always leave a trash can next to your station, so you can throw it away throughout the day, or if you prefer, you can separate and throw it all together at the end of the day. Just don’t forget, okay?

Office cleaning tips

We separate for you a compilation of tips that can greatly facilitate the organization and cleaning of your office. It’s small attitudes that contribute to harmony and hygiene.

Attention to the details

It is important to pay attention to the small details that may go unnoticed at first, but then they are easily observed and what could be quick to clean becomes exhausting.

Paying attention between the keyboard keys is fundamental, as it can accumulate dust, food remains, etc. Another detail is the computer screen, which must always be cleaned with a dry flannel so as not to be full of marks and greasy.

Keep the environment airy

Sometimes even a well-lit environment does not give us the pleasant feeling we want. This problem can be easily solved by leaving the environment airy with open windows and keeping active circulation in the office. 

In addition, you still avoid the proliferation of certain fungi and bacteria. A bonus!

Empty the trash

As we mentioned earlier, always keeping a trash can near your workstation is essential, but remember to always leave it closed and not mix organic and recyclable waste.

It is worth mentioning that to keep the environment fresh for longer, remove the garbage regularly, about 2 to 3 times a week.

Organize the cables

Computer cables can be a problem and disturb the visual harmony of your office, but we still depend on them to work. 

To avoid this nuisance, organizing the cables is a practical and even quick solution. Always try to make them less visible.

Sanitize the air conditioning

It is normal to have more than one air conditioner inside an office, and it is necessary to periodically clean it. Lack of cleanliness can accumulate fungi and bacteria and harm the health of employees.

To clean the device, just use a spray bottle with water mixed with alcohol, and apply. Remember to sanitize with the air conditioning off and cold so you don’t burn yourself.

Create an office cleaning routine

Cleaning time can be more dynamic and faster just by creating habits that keep the environment organized and clean during the day.

We list for you simple activities that optimize your time and organization

  • organize the papers
  • store pens
  • Pass a cloth on the computer
  • Take out the trash periodically

Hiring a professional

We understand that most people find office cleaning time tedious, it can consume production time and delay other services.

In certain cases hiring a specialized professional may be the best way out, so the owner has the guarantee that the cleaning is being carried out efficiently.

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