The best times to clean condominiums

 The best times to clean condominiums

Cleaning in condominiums is part of the daily routine of the team responsible for the maintenance and care of these places.

After all, the hygiene of a shared environment as busy as a condominium is fundamental for the health and quality of life of the people who pass through it.

However, what is the best time to do this? Find out in our post today!

Why is it necessary to pay attention to the schedules for cleaning in condos?

The environments that have the most movement on a daily basis are precisely those that need heavier and more regular cleaning.

Those that are closed, like elevators, still pose a greater risk of spreading viruses and bacteria.

And it is precisely because of the movement that it is necessary to know how to choose the right time for cleaning in condominiums. After all, it’s not interesting to disturb local residents and service providers.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the chemicals that will be used in cleaning, since they can affect people’s health.

If you manage a condominium, check out some tips that will help you choose the right moment:

Social and service elevators

For condominiums that have these two types of elevators, the timing has to be perfect.

Mainly during the week, the movement of service providers, such as construction operators, is very high.

In order not to disrupt their work and the routine of residents, always choose to send cleaning at times that are less busy.

Care must be taken to leave at least one elevator free for use while the other goes through cleaning.

The best times are those after the lunch period until late afternoon. On weekends, always opt for the morning shift.

Special care with cleaning products: as it is a small and closed place, the smell can cause allergic reactions in people.


Many residents — especially those who live on the first floors — opt for the stairs.

Therefore, this environment also needs good attention. After all, because it is humid, closed and dark, the accumulation of dirt is common.

It is recommended that the stairs be washed at least once a week. As for the schedules, it is interesting to follow the schedule of the elevators.


No other location is as crowded as the entrance hall. As it is the first environment to be seen, it also needs to be always clean and presentable.

After all, in addition to residents, visitors also pass there. And nothing is more uncomfortable than a dirty hall!

As it is always busy, the ideal is to understand the flow of this environment in your condominium, opting for cleaning at less congested times.


Many administrators fail to forget these spaces when cleaning condominiums.

Especially when garages are covered, an unpleasant smell, similar to that of mold, sets in when proper cleaning is not carried out.

The best time to wash is when most cars are not in the garage, especially during the week when residents are at work.

Always count on the best service

Administrators usually hire outsourced companies to clean condominiums.

The cost-benefit ratio is much higher, as the workforce is prepared to meet the special needs of these locations.

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