Tips for artificial grass maintenance

Tips for artificial grass maintenance

People think that, unlike natural grass, artificial grass does not require any kind of regular care or maintenance. But it is not like that. Since the duration of it is directly proportional to the maintenance and care it receives. That is why today we want to talk to you about tips for the maintenance of artificial grass.

It has an incredible resemblance to nature, the fundamental advantage of artificial grass maintenance is that it is much easier. Another of its advantages over natural can be its resistance or its economical price in addition to its easy installation. Altogether they make artificial grass the perfect substitute for natural grass.

artificial grass maintenance

How do I maintain artificial grass?

Although it does not need very complicated and laborious maintenance as with natural grass. Several aspects must be taken into account in order to keep it in its best condition.

Professional Cleaning

All dirt such as dust and spilled liquid must be cleaned. Even animal droppings, among many others, must be removed by spraying or using water hoses. We can use artificial grass sanitizer. It is an ideal product since it is antibacterial and disinfects the surface, especially if you have pets or children. There are different artificial grass sanitizers, we can even find one that simulates the smell of freshly cut grass.


Over time, as a result of the movement of people on the lawn and inclement weather such as rain or wind, the fibers are crushed so we have to brush them against the grain to also make the surface look regular, that is, with an artificial grass brush, we must brush it periodically, doing it in the opposite direction to the direction of the fibers. We usually make artificial grass brushes up of hard plastic bristles and an elongated wooden handle.  

Refresh it

Another maintenance of artificial grass that we must take into account is that since it is a synthetic product when the artificial grass is exposed to high temperatures, it easily rises in temperature. At present, the artificial grass that we find on the market is prepared to be resistant to UV rays, but not to resist approaching heat sources. For this reason, they can melt if they exceed 80 degrees. So we recommend that you refresh it frequently, to do so we recommend sprinkler irrigation for a few minutes.


Although the lawn has been installed correctly, when it has been done on a natural surface or terrain, it is very common for weeds or fungi to appear as a result of excess moisture. To prevent this from happening, we recommend spraying products such as mild herbicides or fungicides or diluting in water over the entire surface.

By following these little tips, your artificial grass will look perfect and will last for a long time.

Artificial Grass Cleaning

Professional cleaning artificial grass is a quick and easy process. You can enjoy a beautiful and well-kept lawn with little effort, but like everything, we must carry out professional maintenance and cleaning. Although the price of artificial grass is not high, it does not mean that it does not require a little investment on our part. 

That is why our advice is to water it from time to time, since it is important to remove the stains in time, because if they solidify or attach to the artificial grass, then it will be more difficult to remove them and for the grass to recover the same appearance.

Environmental dirt

Being outdoors, it is normal for it to accumulate dust and organic debris that may be in the environment. It is common to find small insects and they stay between the filaments. To clean it, it would be enough to hose it down with water and brush it with an artificial grass brush.


As we have already mentioned, it is possible that they relieve themselves on the lawn. After collecting the droppings, we must clean the surface that has been in contact with them with a hose and pressurized water. And we recommend applying an artificial grass sanitizer.

Organic stains

For cleaning food and drink stains, cleaning with soap and water is best. Unless they are “impossible to remove” stains, in this case, we recommend applying a solution of water with 3% ammonia and rinsing with clean water. We should not apply strong products without lowering them on the artificial turf since it is very possible that they will discolor the turf.

Dry leaves

It is a matter of aesthetics and appearance, dry leaves do not pose a risk to the lawn. For this, you can use a rake. A trick to finish earlier is to moisten the rake, so the leaves will stick and you will invest less effort. 


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